True to Size

Resulting from Precision manufacturing process, All of our blades are always True to Size.

Penetration Force

Advancut™ is not only the sharpest knife but also improves maneuverability.

Proprietary Design

Patened blade geometry assists surgeon to easily achieve Perfect Square incision and three-Planes incision.

App Screen
User Friendly

Handle is design for Human factors and ergonomics by taking consideration of surgeon hand position and me=aneurverability during the surgery.

Ultimate Security

Knife comes in Safety handle design for maximum safety during the surgery.

Key Benefits

Following features are available for customer in United States.

Free Trial

Enjoy the convenience of disposables with the quality you want. ASICO LLC offers an extensive line of single-use instrumentation manufactured to provide the feel and performance of stainless steel instruments.
Contact us for a free trial sample of our Advancut™ and Hydro+™ Disposable items to truly appreciate the quality and performance of our products.

LIVE Support

Real-time chat via social media alternative to phone and e-mail.

Price Match

ASICO LLC will price match eligible purchases of Advancut™ and Hydro+™ Single-Use Instruments with select other retailers, including those who sell their items on our website. For all other items, ASICO LLC doesn't offer price matching.

Technical Information

Advancut Tip


The artisan-crafted bevels on the edge of the blade create the perfect square incision that is self-sealing which minimizes the need for hydration. In addition, the side-cutting edges are ideal for wound extension. The Advancut™ blade, the ultimate cutting technology, was created to:

  • Eliminate the need for hydration because the blade makes a perfect square incision.
  • Take into account the differences between patients, so that our products perform consistently from one case to the next.
  • Create a more economical blade without compromising quality and effectiveness.

Available Models



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