Resulting from fully automated and precision manufacturing process, All Hydro+™ products are manufactured at highest product standard and quality.

TASS Free Outcome

All Hydro+™ products went through 100% in line quality control to make sure every Hydro+™ product is free from any kind of contaimination.

Proprietary Design

Hydro+™ product offers various range of products from ASICO best seller proprietary reusable cannula design.

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Ultimate Security

Hydro+™ comes with protection hub for maximum safety during the surgery.

Key Benefits

Following features are available for customer in United States.

Free Trial

Enjoy the convenience of disposables with the quality you want. ASICO LLC offers an extensive line of single-use instrumentation manufactured to provide the feel and performance of stainless steel instruments.
Contact us for a free trial sample of our Advancut™ and Hydro+™ Disposable items to truly appreciate the quality and performance of our products.

LIVE Support

Real-time chat via social media alternative to phone and e-mail.

Price Match

ASICO LLC will price match eligible purchases of Advancut™ and Hydro+™ Single-Use Instruments with select other retailers, including those who sell their items on our website. For all other items, ASICO LLC doesn't offer price matching.

Technical Information

Advancut Tip

Why Hydro+™ Single Use Cannula

TASS Incidents. The specific incidence is under-reported, however, it is fair – based on the above specific information, to ascribe a rate of about 1%. Future studies are necessary to determine the true incidence so that recognition and treatment is given the attention it deserves.

  • TASS Report: 1.87% of patients develop TASS following anterior segment surgery. The global incidence rate of TASS for these surgeries was 15/801 (1.87%).
  • 120,000 TASS reports: About 12 million procedures, even at 1% incidence, could mean 120,000 patients per year, affected by TASS which is a potentially sight threatening disease (EyeNet). And, as indicated, not all cases are captured or reported.
  • Non-Cleaning Instruments: The conclusion can be that there are many causes for this problem, but the biggest uncontrollable variable, so far, has been the inability to properly clean reusable instruments.

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