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ASICO – Innovations
for Better Outcomes

I have a lot of instrument ideas, and ASICO is quick to make them into reality. The quality of the instruments produced is very good, which is a big reason as to why I work with them on my new innovations.

Takayuki Akahoshi, MD - Tokyo, Japan

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The World’s Most Accurate
Toric Marking Device

Patients are paying extra for these premium ocular lenses, and deserve nothing but the best.

Charles Ahn, MD – Illinois, USA

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Pathogen Free

When I was working with the ASICO team on potential TASS related issues, I found that they were very responsive to the issues of adequate cleaning.

Nick Mamalis, MD – Utah, USA

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State-of-the-art manufacturing
and R&D facility

I have worked with ASICO for such a long time, and they have consistently come through with intruments I need, no doubt the instruments are superb, I’ve used them forever, and I think they’re absolutely fantastic.

Stephen Slade, MD - Houston, USA

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Harmonyx™ vs INTREPID® Balanced Tip by Dr. Akahoshi - Case #2

Harmonyx™ vs INTREPID® Balanced Tip by Dr. Akahoshi - Case #2

Dr. Akahoshi conducted a comparison between Harmonyx™ Lens removal system and Alcon New INTREPID® Balanced Tip. The study was done under the same machine setting and same eye doing Half and Half emulsification. In case #2, nucleus grade 3 has been done phaco first half using Harmonyx™ and second half was done with INTREPID® Balanced Tip. Results: Aspiration Time is 00:25 vs 00:50 Minutes BSS Fluid Usage is 12 vs 20 ml CDE Energy is 2.27 vs 4.80

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Featured Products

Harmonyx 1.1x0.9, Akahoshi Style 30mm

1.1 X 0.9mm rectangle Harmonyx Lens Transformer provides a unique contour to enhance the phacoemulsification process especially in torsional phaco handpiece. The surface is completely polished without any sharp edges so that even if the tip touches posterior capsule, it will not rupture posterior capsule as long as ultrasound energy is not emitted. Tip shaft is off centered to create wobbling motion on OZil

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Akahoshi Intra-operative Axis Marker with CCC Guide

Outer diameter is as small as 10mm to mark the desired axis intra-operatively. Conventional gauge is placed on the limbus. The new marker is placed on the cornea Easy to apply for small eyes and narrow lids cases The inner distance between the blades is 5mm indicating the ideal CCC size.

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